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If you watch any television during the day or late at night, you know that accident lawyers are advertising all the time to obtain your business. Many, many claims are being made to entice you to hire the various firms to represent you if you’ve had an accident. How does anyone figure out which attorney is best for them and which attorney is going to be an expert in the specific field in which they are involved?

That’s exactly what The Law Team is here for. We will apply our 30 years of legal experience to your case and assist you in determining which accident attorney is best for you. Over the past 30 years in practice Theodore W. Robinson has had the experience to handle many accident cases and has the knowledge of the overall field of negligence lawyers to give you the invaluable advice as to which one would be the very best for you.

Its important that you contact the Law Team as soon as you’ve had an accident because we can not only inform you of what must be done to satisfy the law about filing an accident report within 10 days, but can also direct you in how to manage a No Fault claim with your own insurance company. This advice can be some of your most important throughout your case since what is done at the very outset of your case will have a lasting effect upon the entire case.

The Law Team also has certain lawyers who have been Insurance adjusters before they were lawyers. They know the in’s and out’s of the insurance side of this area of law better than most. They know which adjusters to speak to and how to speak with them. This also can make a big difference in your case, since the earlier a case is settled the better in most cases.

Of course, some cases can be very serious and your injuries may warrant a special treatment above and beyond the norm. In that case, we have specialized trial lawyers who know how to have your case properly prepared long in advance of the case even being started in court. This can be very important since investigation in this type of case can be the turning point. We also have investigators who have been in the field of accident law for 30-40 years who know how to canvas an area around an accident to find just the right person who may have seen what happened and is willing to testify about it.

We have a host of trial lawyers available to you who will be able to prepare your case well in advance of any trial and who can then follow through with a trial and bring in a large verdict if the facts warrant it.

So, to start your case, contact us and have your case screened as soon as possible.


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