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There are two types of Civil Rights Actions: State and Federal. We have a separate area of our website that handles the Federal aspects. <<Click here>> if you want to go to that page. However, it should always be remembered that if your Civil Rights have been violated by anyone, you have a right to sue them for damages.

The Federal and New York State Civil Rights Acts were passed decades ago and were intended to provide every citizen with civil recourse when their various Civil Rights are violated. This means that when you have been affected due to your race, creed, color, gender, age or religion, you have a right to collect damages from the person or entity that injured you.

This is a very specific area of law that not many lawyers choose to practice within. This is because many of the Civil Rights cases that are brought by attorneys are not won due to procedural problems or due to a lack of acceptance by civil jurors. The lawyers that we have on the Law Team are well known in the field of Civil Rights because they have won many of their trials and have collected large settlements without having to go to trial.

If you think you have a Civil Rights violation that has been perpetrated upon you, contact us and we will screen your case before sending it to one of these highly specialized attorneys. This will also help you avoid paying multiple consultation fees just to tell them about your case. Our screening attorneys do not charge any initial consultation fees for the first half hour of your consultation.


The New York State Attorney General's Office maintains a website where you can find more information on discrimination and and organizations that may be of assistance to your case.


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