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Divorce Law

Divorce has become an unfortunate and unwelcome reality in many people’s lives today. However, if it should happen, you want the best attorney available to handle your case so that you don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard to accumulate during your marriage.

Having the right attorney to fight for your rights and who is knowledgeable enough in this complicated area of law is difficult to determine. We believe you actually need an expert to find the best attorney in the field. That’s precisely what the Law Team is here for!

Photo by Glenn JenkinsonWe maintain a list of five of the top lawyers in the metropolitan area who are available to be consulted by you once we have reviewed your case. The reason for this screening procedure is because different lawyers’ personalities will match certain client’s personalities better than others and our screening service is adept at making those evaluations and recommendations. This not only saves you the time of interviewing numerous lawyers before you find the right lawyer for your needs, it also saves you money for the various fees for initial consultations.

Most people who find themselves in the midst of a divorce often rely upon a friend’s recommendation who has just gone through the same thing. What they often fail to realize is that each case is as unique as the people involved and the same attorney may not be right for two different people.

We maintain an elite group of lawyers who are caring, considerate and concerned about their clients and who want nothing more than to champion your interests during these trying times.

Most importantly, in divorce, the children’s interest are one of the largest concerns for all of our attorneys and they are especially considerate of children’s special needs. We maintain connections with child psychologists and law guardians who are experienced in the field of child custody and evaluation of circumstances. The courts hold that whatever is in the best interests of the children should be paramount and we agree with that in how we handle our cases. However, we also know that everyone has to survive for the children’s best interests to be taken care of correctly and that goes into the mix as well.

Our overall purpose is to provide you with the best legal assistance available and conclude your divorce in the fairest fashion possible in the shortest time. We suggest you contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Divorce Procedure

There are steps that must be completed before you can file for a divorce in New York State.

Residency RequirementResidency
Grounds for DivorceGrounds for
Service of SummonsService of      Summons


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