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This has become a very hot topic in recent years within the practice of Family and Criminal Law. Domestic Violence has become recognized as one of the most insidious and under reported crimes within our judicial system. That’s why things have recently changed and the Courts are now taking the lead in lessening the impact of Domestic Violence in those homes that have harbored it for years. We now have specialized Domestic Violence Courts in all of our criminal courts and we now have a single all purpose Court for handling Divorce when there is violence involved.

In all Courts, Orders of Protection can, and are issued based solely upon the allegations of one party, regardless of what the other party may claim in response. This is oftentimes tragic in that many times men, and sometimes women, are thrown out of their homes based upon a bare charge of Domestic Violence. It is important to have a competent, experienced attorney who can stand up for you in Court before such an Order is issued against you and you find yourself out in the street wondering what happened to you.

It is also important to find an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with the Assistant District Attorney and the Judge in a Domestic Violence Courtroom. It can be a very different and quite daunting place to visit if you don’t know the participants or the alternatives. It is also vastly important to know how to deal with these situations so that if the parties later want to get back together and there is an outstanding Order of Protection, you don’t get lured back into the home without first taking care of the outstanding Order. Otherwise, you can, and oftentimes will, be arrested if the other party simply makes a phone call to the police and says you’re there with them. The police don’t have any discretion in these matters and must arrest the violator regardless of whether any violence is alleged or not - all that’s needed is simple contact if it’s a “no contact” Order and the arrest is made.

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