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Trial Practice

Not every attorney who “hangs out a shingle” telling the general public that they’re a lawyer is, or can be, a competent trial lawyer. A trial lawyer is someone who is more than willing to take your case to trial and match wits with a competing attorney before a Judge and jury of your peers.

Trial law takes a great deal of courage and a tremendous amount of preparation. It takes courage as a criminal defense trial lawyer because that attorney must stand up to the accumulated power of the Police Department and the District Attorneys office together and often times they must also stand up to the Judge as well in order to gain a fair trial for his or her client.

Our trial attorneys have been schooled in the crucible of the courtroom. They have taken their knocks over the years and learned how to be a seasoned trial lawyer through 20-30 years experience. It's been said in many songs that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere and that especially holds true in this area of New York. Most of our practitioners are located within the Second Department of the Appellate Division. This is a geographical area that encompasses all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. This encompasses a huge number of people and a huge number of lawyers. It is one of the busiest Appeals Courts in the world, if not the busiest. As a result, this area has some of the premier lawyers in the world as well. Usually, the best known are the trial lawyers because they are the one’s with their names in the newspapers and on television. Many of our trial lawyers have had their names in all mediums and are well known by the media.

Nonetheless, these are the same people who can represent you and take you through a trial if your case calls for it.

Trial law can become expensive because of the complete dedication to detail and the extensive time that must be spent preparing all of those details by the trial lawyer and his staff. Many times you will find that a trial lawyer and his staff will spend weeks and months in the final preparation of their case for you. During the trial, the trial lawyer’s efforts begin throughout the night before, checking and rechecking what he/she has done and still needs to do before opening to the jury. Then, during the trial, when there are breaks, the trial lawyer will have to call his office to make certain his next witness is available and on time so that when he faces the Judge again, he can inform him. At the conclusion of each night, the trial lawyer doesn’t just go home and watch television. He returns to his office to prepare for the next day of trial and reviews what has happened in the trial so far.

At the conclusion of the case, it is up to the trial lawyer to put together all of the evidence and present it in a cohesive fashion so that the jurors can fully understand his or her client’s position and justify why their client should win the case. And its not just the content of the summation that is important. Your trial lawyer must be able to deliver the message with strength of conviction and passion so that every juror will feel no other emotion than “not guilty” at the end of the case.

So, if you have a case that you feel must go to trial, contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at and we will screen you and the case and direct you to the very best we have to offer.



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