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Your Will can be one of the most important document in your life. That’s because you get the opportunity in advance to determine what will happen to all of your worldly belongings before you depart from this world. If you don’t have a Will, the State will decide what to do with your belongings regardless of what you want. So, its important to have a Will prepared for you.

WillsWe offer a unique plan for preparing your will. Not only do we do a simple Will for those who have modest estates, we are prepared to provide you with Estate Planning advice and we can prepare a Trust or Living Trust for you so that most, if not all, tax liabilities are eliminated from your Estate. While most Estate Taxes have been eliminated by recent legislation, there is no telling how long such legislation will last as it can be changed at any time by Congress when they want to raise more money. It is always best to review the tax consequences in advance of making any Estate plans.

We also offer a wonderful device for accounting for everything you presently own so that those who are left behind will know where all of your accounts and policies are and where all of your important papers and jewelry are safe guarded. Its amazing how most people never consider this aspect of their lives and leave their loved ones hunting for years to find important documents or items that they cannot find because they’ve been too well hidden or have simply been lost. We have both a computer program and a hard binder for you to record your entire Estate into so that everything will be organized and kept in a central location for your loved ones to find.

We also offer the unusual service of video-taping every will or trust signing. The purpose of this is to eliminate any later claims that you were under any coercion or duress when you signed your will. This has already saved a number of families hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating Will contests in Surrogate’s Court because a family member felt slighted by the terms of the Will.

Not only do we have a number of attorneys with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Will, Trusts and Estates, we also have a host of accountants who are more than willing and able to assist in evaluating your financial situation and future needs so that you can make informed and intelligent choices for the future.

So, to get started, please contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at as soon as possible to discuss your estate planning.


Most people are not exactly familiar with what constitutes a Living Will. It’s a fairly simple document that directs your loved ones to withhold artificial means of keeping you alive in the event that you are incapable of saying so yourself.

Many people who we’ve spoken to say they would rather not be kept alive if it means they’re just going to be a vegetable. They don’t like the idea of being kept alive after they’re so far gone that there is no hope of recovery. In short, they’d rather “pull the plug” than exist as an unknowing being trapped in a body that is not going to recover.

Those people usually choose to prepare a “Living Will” which ironically directs their loved ones to withdraw all artificial life support systems from their body once they are sure that there is no hope of recovery by retaining them.

Hospitals will not withdraw life support without such a document being provided to them because they could ultimately be held accountable to the family of the departed if they withdraw life support without authorization. Therefore, its important to provide such a document to your most trusted loved ones so that they can take the appropriate action when its needed.

A Health Care proxy is substantially the same thing as a Living Will, however, it refers to the issue of what type of health care you will be given when you are unable to decide or yourself. In such an instance, a trusted loved one will be given your Health Care Proxy and told by you what, in general, you want them to do for you in the unlikely event you can’t do it for yourself. The type of care can vary with whatever condition you might unexpectedly be suffering, so its best to give your trusted Proxy to someone who has common sense and you can trust implicitly.

Neither of these two types of documents should be lightly given to anyone else since they effectively hold matters of life and death in their hands.



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