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Zoning matters include everything about your home from Certificates of Occupancy to Variances from the Building Code. They can be some of the most arduous proceedings known to the legal community because they involve quasi-judicial bodies like the Zoning Board of Appeals and Community Planning Commissions where many times, neighbors and community leaders can come out to torpedo your project without any warning.

The Law Team has some of the most experienced and competent practitioners in the field. These lawyers have 30 years of experience and are fully familiar with all aspects of zoning practice in many jurisdictions in New York and elsewhere.

Competent zoning lawyers must not only know all of the applicable statutes in the particular town you’re in, but must also be familiar with all of the case law that has been handed down by the various Appellate Courts regarding your type of case. Not only that, they must also know how to approach the various neighbors to present the project to them so that they will agree to is voluntarily rather than fighting you in the Board of Appeals. This also takes an intimate knowledge of the Zoning Board members in your area and knowing what will be best for the entire Town, City, or village in which you reside.

All of these are criteria for the very best Zoning Lawyers to accomplish their task of representing your needs and gaining the variance that you require without undue delay or risk.

A competent Zoning Lawyer must also know just how to prepare and present his or her case to the Board of Appeals including case law citations and expert testimony if that is deemed necessary. There are two reasons for this: First, it indicates to the Board of Appeals that you are serious about meeting their requirements and proves that your attorney knows the applicable law; Second, it sets a record for appeal to the Supreme Court by Article 78 Proceeding should the Board of Appeals deny your request. This is an important consideration because on many occasions, you may have a perfectly viable variance application that will be turned down because various community leaders have spoken to the Board members and they couldn’t follow the law and still maintain their voting constituency. So, in such instances, it becomes necessary to appeal to the Supreme Court and rely upon the legal precedents that exist on the issue. However, if your attorney hasn’t proffered a proper record before the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Supreme Court will have nothing with which to support a reversal and an otherwise viable zoning matter could still be denied. So its important to prepare and present a full case as if it was going to have to be appealed because otherwise you will not be able to appeal if you need to.

All of this may seem a bit convoluted, but zoning attorneys know from experience that the Zoning Board of Appeals will react best if they think they could possibly be overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court.

So, all of this means something very simple. Contact us by completing the Contact form or email us at for the very best in Zoning Lawyers.

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